Guidance and Services

Business Guidance

Providing innovative solutions and guidance to enhance your business in all possible ways.

Adherence to country’s Law

Keeping you aware and informed about the Laws and ethics and its latest developments in the country.

Business Innovation and planning

Providing you proper counselling on strategic planning and innovation for your business setup and growth


We organize events and seminars to help you develop your business network and contacts.

Collective Opportunity

We try to create business opportunities for and develop a win win situation for all

Jameat Al Tujjar Al Burhaniyah Events

We organize events and seminars to help you develop and grow your business

Business Profile

Events & Seminars

Seminar on Inheritance and
related current laws in Dubai
Date: 15th June 2022

MODERN MARKETING Going Forward: 2020 & Beyond (Traders & SME Edition)
Date: 21st Sept 2021

40 Ways to Increase your Sales
Date: 13th June 2021

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